Saturday, March 20, 2010

Making a Fly Box

I saw a post on the south east fly fishing forum about making a C&F style fly fox (the poster was tired of paying $$$ for them and made one for himself). So I refined his method of making his.

The items needed to make one

1/4 inch white closed cell foam (big box craft shop .99 cents)
12 inch combination square (for making nice straight cuts)
xacto/utility knife
crazy glue (your favorite brand)
pencil (for marking the foam)
box (altiod tin or plastic equivalent. i used a gift card tin box from cabelas $1.99)
pinking shears. yes pinking shears!

Measure and layout how many strips of foam will go in your fly box. This is where you use the pinking shears to cut the foam on one side and the utility knife on the other side

After all of the strips have been cut to the length and width required to fit inside the box, use the utility knife to cut the slits in the foam to hold the fly.

After all of the slitting is done, all thats left to do is to glue in each strip to the inside of the box. Space the strips accordingly inside the box.

Once the glue has set, add the flies to your newly made C&F style fly box. Repeat this entire process if you want  on the inside of the cover.

I hope you like! :D


Here is another box

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Ronald said...

Thank you for posting the description on how to make these. I definitely need to make use of this idea.