Sunday, December 5, 2010

DIY Fisherman's Neck Lanyard

Parts List

Cord (42 Inches Long)
Cord Lock
Badge Clip
Snap Swivels
Hollow Tubing

Cut the cord to about 42 inches long and singe the ends with a lighter. Using whatever kind of beads you want, string them onto the cord along with a badge clip and snap swivels. Use as many snap swivels as you want. Its totally your choice. Use the badge clip at the bottom to pin the lanyard to you shirt to prevent the lanyard from swinging around all over the place.

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Add the cord lock and the lanyard is complete. 

If you feel the the lanyard will dig into your neck, you can always install some aquarium air tubing onto the lanyard to make it more comfortable on your neck. Cut the tubing to about 18 inches long and cut a v notch at the mid point of the tubing. String the cord into the tubing from each side and add the cord lock to complete the lanyard.

Detail of the v notch.

Make up some tippet reel holders to add to the lanyard.

Add the tippet holder to the lanyard.

The cord I'm using is 1/8 inch diameter nylon. Substitute as required.
Badge clips can be found a office supply stores.
Snap swivels from the fishing department of your local big box store.
Cord locks can be found online. Search for them on GOOGLE.
Hollow tubing from your local aquarium store or granny's oxygen supply store.
Beads from your local big box craft store.

I hope you found this useful. String up a lanyard for yourself, family and friends.

Cased Caddis

Hook: Your favorite
Bead: Black
Caddis Larva: Yarn; singe one end
Legs: Partridge
Case: Dubbing brush, dubbing

Install the bead and tying thread

Singe one end of yarn and tie on as shown

Tie on a partridge feather and make a couple of wrap for the legs

Tie on a dubbing brush of whatever color to act as a filler. Note: this step is totally optional, its just the way I tie them

Wrap the dubbing brush forward and wrap the tying thread back to the bend of the hook

Dub the tying thread with a spiky dubbing such as hares ear and wrap forward creating the case

Finished Fly