Monday, December 10, 2012

Brooks Stonefly (Variant)

Charlie Brooks stonefly is one of those patterns that is tied "in the round" style.
No matter how the fly drifts, it looks the same.

The fly that I tied is simple a revised version of the original pattern and does not have the biot tail or the ostrich herl gills. I merely simplified the fly to my tastes.

Wrap the hook with lead/non lead wire. The number of turns is entirely up to you. More weight = a heavier fly which will drift deeper. I like to wrap my tying thread at about a 45 degree angle on the lead wraps. I build a small dam of thread at bend side of the lead to hold the lead in that position on the shank and then I spiral wrap the thread forward to the eye of the hook. Once there I will build another dam of thread to lock in the lead wraps in its position on the shank.

Cover the lead wraps with as many thread wraps of your choosing. I just wrap up and down the lead a few times. If you like to add head cement to the area you can do so. I don't feeel its necessary as I have anchored the lead wraps tightly.

The original pattern calls for biots for the tail but to simplify, I am using pheasant tail. Tie it in and trim off the waste.

The next item to tie in is a wire rib. I used a "hot orange" color for the rib.

Dub the thread with your favorite stonefly blend and color of dubbing.

Wrap the wire rib forward and trim off the waste.

Tie in the hackle at the rear of the thorax. I'm using a grizzly hackle in a color that looks like "cree". A dyed brown grizzly would also be acceptable.

Dub the thorax area of the fly with the same dubbing as the abdomen.

Wrap the hackle through the thorax, tie off the hackle and trim the waste. Whip finish or half hitch the head and apply your head cement if desired.

As always, thanks for looking.


Fly Waters Edge - Kevin said...

Simple and quick to ty! I like thanks for sharing!

LOJ said...

Great Pattern!
Great Tie!

LOJ said...

Great pattern.
Great tie!
Love these "Old Time" patterns.

Passinthru Outdoors said...

great tie. Can never have enough stones in your box. Thanks for sharing.

Kay Dee said...

That's a good looking nymph! Nice SBS.