Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Anybody remember these or have any?

These "flies" were made from just a hook and a painted piece of cork many considered them lures and you could be arrested for fishing them on most fly only stretches.

 Bill McIntyre of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania manufactured them by the bushel.


Dustin's Fly Box said...

That hopper one is really cool!

Jay said...

I guess these were just a bit before my time. I really like the ones labeled "transistors." To think a fish would eat a piece of electronic gadgetry is pretty funny. The fish pellet would be killer on stocker Rainbows.

Frank said...

In the picture there is an orange corker just above the kernal of corn. I have been fishing a yellow version of that one since 1988. I fact I just made 60 of them today.
I was told they are legal on PA FlyFishing only waters if they are tyed on to the hook. A few wraps of monocord fulfills that obligation.

They can be very deadly in low water situations fished directly upstream and presented properly. I have caught hundreds of trout using this technique. I am not sure what the trout think this is. I believe the plunk as it lands indicates that the table has been set.

Mr. McIntyre lived a couple of hilltops away from me in Pittsburgh. I have several other of the items shown in the picture but have not mass produce any yet.