Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brahma and Gold

Brahma and Gold

Thread: 8/0 Uni Tan
Hackle: Whiting Brahma Hen
Body: 1 Strand of plastic from a supermarket onion bag
Rib: Same as the body but twisted into a cord

Tying note: I tied in the strand of plastic onion bag behind the eye of the hook and wrapped it back in a ribbon to the bend of the hook. I then attached my hackle plier to the plastic strip and twisted that into a cord/rope and wrapped forward as the rib.

Here's the onion bag. I bought the onions at Walmart but look in your favorite grocery store. The bags come in different colors. You will have to untangle the mesh to get some long strands for tying. The idea of using this material is from Hans Weilenmann.

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Johnny Utah said...

Very nice tie. I love creative fly tying. Good thinking.