Saturday, November 26, 2011

T.D.C Nymph

T.D.C. Nymph
Thompson's Delectable Chironomid

Hook - Your favorite hook and style
Thread - Black
Ribbing - Oval/round silver tinsel
Body - Black wool yarn
Collar - White ostrich herl

The TDC (Thompson's Delectable Chironomid) was developed by Richard B. Thompson in the late 1950's. Richard was a Fishery Biologist for the State of Washington. Prior to this fly, Chironomid fishing within lakes was just not done. Richard developed techniques with this fly, such as utilizing an indicator for depth control and fishing the pattern off the bottom of the lake with a slow retrieve. He wrote an article , "Chironomids and Trout" that was published within the State of Washington's Game Bulletin describing his TDC fly. Many tried using the Chironomid pattern but failed, due to their habit of using a fast retireve. However, by the early 1960's, his techniques caught on with other lake fly fishermen and a number of other Chironomid patterns were developed. His TDC pattern, using a dubbed body, remains highly effective and is the basis for many new variations.

Reference - Popular Fly Patterns - Terry Hellekson


cofisher said...

Nice tie! After 10 years of practice I can do this one.

Normand Frechette said...

Its a simple tie. You can do it!