Sunday, January 30, 2011

Skinny Nelson

Heres a pattern I found in a fly bin in one of the fly shops in Fort Smith, Montana on the Big Horn River.

Attach a tungsten bead. Tie on the thread and pheasant tail fibers and create the tail.

Return the thread to behind the bead and tie in fine gold wire for the ribbing.

Build a thread body as shown.

Rib the body and trim off the excess wire.

Tie in pearl flashabou or tinsel.

Tie in peacock herls.

Wrap herls forward and tie them off.

Pull the pearl flashabou or tinsel forward like a wing case and tie off. Trim off thread.


Cody said...

I hope you've had the chance to use this pattern. It's a great little fly, quick to tie and very productive. Thanks for posting a step-by-step.

southernblueridge said...

Tied in a 18 or 20 that would imitate a BWO nymph very well I think. Nice job with the pics, etc. Good work.

Normand Frechette said...


I have used it and it works!

thanks to all for the comments