Monday, November 4, 2019

Michigan Moth

Michigan Moth
Hook - Mustad #R50-94833, #94840 or R50X-94845 Size: 8-10
Thread - Pale yellow
Body - Natural White Peacock Herl (i substituted white yarn)
Wing: Natural Deer Hair, divided and pulled down to the sides of the fly
Tying Tips: You can use any dry fly hook and if you prefer you can substitute the deer hair light elk hair. Begin tying as if you were doing a caddis fly; once your hair is tied in simply divide the hair and pull it down toward the sides of the fly. Then, using your thread firmly secure the wings.
Fishing Tips: This fly is designed as a generalized moth pattern. Here in Michigan we have many species that we commonly call grass moths, lawn moths or just plane common brown moths. They are usually out April through September. They are attracted to light. When night fishing a river where the banks are lined with cabins the moths will often be found crossing the river, drawn by the lights of the cabins. That’s the most productive scenario for the use of this fly. I suspect that it might also be used on spruce moths.
Historical Note: Developed by Tom Deschaine for use on the Au Sable River, here in Michigan in 2014.

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