Saturday, November 2, 2019



Hook - Mustad 94840, 94833 or R50X-94845
Thread - Black
Tail - Red hackle fibers
Body - Peacock herl, reinforced
Wing - Bleached elk hair, tied down, caddis style
Hackle - Furnace or brown

Tying Tips: Easy to tie --- very straight forward pattern. Tie wing very heavy with elk hair.

Fishing Tips: Designed as a caddis attractor pattern with multiple used. It can be fished on lakes,
rivers or streams, fast water or still waters. It’s highly visible and a great floater. In
larger sizes it can be used for bass and in smaller sizes it can be use for pan fish. It’s
deadly for brooks, browns and rainbows.

Historical Note: Designed in 2007 the fly has become very popular having appeared in Fly Tyer
Magazine and Fly Fish America and on multiple web sites. The fly was designed by
Tom Deschaine, a retired school teacher from Westland, Michigan. He’s a fly tyer,

custom rod builder.

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