Monday, December 26, 2011

Disco Midges

Red & Black
Curved Hook
Red Tinsel
Black Peacock Herl

Curved Hook
Purple Tinsel
Purple Peacock Herl

Curved Hook
Chartreuse Tinsel
Black & Chartreuse Peacock Herl

Silver & Gray
Curved Hook
Silver Tinsel
Gray Peacock Herl

Copper & Tan
Curved Hook
Copper Tinsel
Tan Peacock Herl

Copper & Brown
Curved Hook
Copper Tinsel
Brown Peacock Herl

Curved Hook
Chartreuse Tinsel
Chartreuse Peacock Herl

I recently purchased some Peacock Eye feathers in various dyed colors and tied up some Disco Midges in different colors. Do not hesitate to tie the in different colors and mix and match the various colors.


Brk Trt said...

I've got to try some of those.

JGR said...

I like them. Nice midges to have in the box to round out the selection.

Unknown said...

Great flies. I like the slenderness of the pattern..the way a midge really is.

Howard Levett said...

I love the fly fishing show. It's my mid(?) Winter respite from home chores I didn't get around to during the warm months. Those flies look great!