Friday, April 6, 2012

Royal Cubbage

The Royal Cubbage is named after Tom Cubbage of Texas, who found the Colorado King dressing out floated the Royal Wulff but the Browns liked the coloration of the Royal Wulff..hence the pattern

Royal Cubbage

Hook - Dry fly style 
Thread -  Black
Tails - 2 peccary fibers or moose body hair tied in long a widespread at each side
Body - Royal Coachman style but with a twist. The rear peacock herl is tied in at the 
      rear BEFORE the tails. Then the tails are tied in on each side. Red floss is then
      tied in and wrapped to the wing position
Hackle - Brown tied palmer over the red floss only.
There should be 6-7 turns to give the fly good floating qualities
Wing - White calf tail tied over the body and extending to about the middle of the tail
Head - Peacock herl

Reference: Popular Fly Patterns by Terry Hellekson

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Brk Trt said...

I like that one.
Brookies would react quickly to it also.