Saturday, May 7, 2011

Joe's Hopper

Tie in red feather fiber tail

Tie in yellow whatever kind of yarn for the body and form a loop above the tail

Wrap the body forward and tie in the ribbing hackle

Wrap ribbing hackle forward an trim as show

Prepare the 2 matched turkey quill sections and tie in as shown

Tie in front hackle

Wrap front hackle tie off and you're done

Joe's Hopper

Hook: your favorite
Thread: white or yellow
Tail: red hackle fibers
Body: yellow yarn of your choice
Ribbing: brown hackle, trimmed
Wing: 2 matched turkey quill sections
Front hackle: brown and grizzly (I used a cree saddle)

Thanks for looking

Sorry for the crappy turkey wing slips. Thats what I had on hand. Off to the fly shop to get some better quality turkey!


Unknown said...

One of my all time favorite hopper pattern along with Dave's Hopper. Great looking patterns when tied correctly.

e.m.b. said...


Anonymous said...

I starred this one, haven't seen it displayed in detail before. I was just getting ready to start stocking the boxes up for hoppers...Thanks. JGR