Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Milkweed Fly

Milkweed Fly

Hook - Streamer style
Thread - Black
Tail - Wood duck
Body - Orange Floss or uni-stretch (pictured)
Ribbing - Flat silver tinsel
Throat - Black and white barred wood duck
Wing - White milk weed fibers (marabou pictured)

Reference - Forgotten Flies

Tiger Ghost

Tiger Ghost

Hook - Gamakatsu T10-6H

Thread - Black
Tip - Fluorescent green floss, fluorescent orange floss or uni-stretch
Tag - Oval silver tinsel
Body - Gudebrod buttwind (black & white)
Wing - Yellow, white, and black bucktail in that order
Cheeks - Silver pheasant feathers

Monday, November 18, 2019

Bennett's Halo

Bennett’s Halo

Hook - Alec Jackson Spey Hooks (Black, Size 3 - 7)
Thread – White for all body work; Orange for the head
Tip - Oval silver tinsel
Tag – Flashabou; Dyed pearl peacock
Tail - Teal flank
Ribbing - Oval silver tinsel
Body - Peacock herl
Hackle - Grizzly
Underwing #1 – Pearl midge krystal flash
Underwing #2 - Holographic gold lite brite
Wing - Gray squirrel tail

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Grayling Witch, Grayling Steel Blue, Ke-He, Bradshaw's Fancy & The Witch

Grayling Witch

Tail – Red floss
Ribbing – Flat silver tinsel
Body – Green peacock herl
Hackle – Blue dun

Reference – Perrault’s Standard Dictionary of Fishing Flies (page 114)

Grayling Steel Blue

Tip – Flat silver tinsel
Tag – Orange floss
Ribbing – Gold wire
Body – Thin peacock herl
Hackle – Blue dun palmered

Reference – Perrault’s Standard Dictionary of Fishing Flies (page 114)


Tail - Red floss with golden pheasant tippets below or above
Body - Peacock herl
Hackle - Brown

Reference – Perrault’s Standard Dictionary of Fishing Flies (page 156)

Bradshaw’s Fancy

Tag - Red floss or antron yarn (pictured)
Body - Peacock herl
Hackle - Grey hackle
Peak - Red floss or antron yarn (pictured)

The Witch

Tail - Ibis (red floss pictured)
Body - Bright green peacock sword fibers, 2-3 strands twisted
Ribbing - Flat gold tinsel

Hackle - Honey dun

Reference - Grayling Fishing in South Country Streams – H. A. Rolt

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Hook - Streamer style
Thread - Red
Tail - Hackle tips
Body - Oval silver tinsel
Head - Red thread and painted eyes

May be highlighted with permanent markers or painted with craft paints

I copied an internet photo I found while Googling for fly patterns

Hook - Streamer style
Thread - Black
Tail - Hackle tips
Body - Gudebrod Buttwind
Head - Black thread and painted eyes

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Mormon Girl

Mormon Girl

Hook - Mustad 9672, size 4-10 (size 6 pictured)
Thread - Black
Tail - Golden pheasant tippet fibers
Rib - Embossed flat gold tinsel
Rear Body - Red floss or uni-stretch (pictured)
Front Body - Yellow chenille
Hackle - Soft grizzly hackle
Wing - Badger guard hairs

Friday, November 8, 2019


Heimasaetan (Heimasætan) 

Hook - 3XL Streamer, Size 6 - 12
Thread - White (underbody); Black (head)
Tail - Dyed orange bucktail or marabou (pictured)
Body - White wool, floss or uni-stretch (pictured)
Ribbing - Oval gold tinsel
Wing / back - Red calf tail
Throat - Dyed orange bucktail or marabou (pictured)
Eyes - Painted black oven white

Quigley Cripple

Quigley Cripple

Hook - Curved dry fly style
Thread - Tan
Shuck - Dyed olive marabou
Rib - Gold wire
Abdomen - Dyed olive marabou (continuation of shuck)
Thorax - Dyed olive dubbing
Wing/stubs - Deer hair

Hackle - Grizzly

Monday, November 4, 2019

American Woolly

American Woolly

Hook - Mustad #94831 Size: 6 XL
Thread - Black, 6/0
Body - Black Hackle, Brown Hackle, Black Hackle, palmered. Tied as tight and heavy as possible. Trim to resemble a woolly worm caterpillar. Trim it flat or tapered on the ends.

Tying Tips: Easy to tie. Be generous with the head cement.

Fishing Tips: This is a great pattern for late fall. Bump it off a log or stone. Cast it in
near the shore or in any pocket waters. Big trout love it ! Can also be used
for pan fish tied in smaller sizes or for bass in larger sizes. Trim the bottom
of the hackle for a lower profile.

Historical Note: For years I’ve found these Woolly Worms (Pyrrharctia isabella) along the
banks of American rivers. My fascination with caterpillars lead me to develop a
high floating dry fly that closely resembles the ‘Woolly’ and that the fish just
can’t refuse.

Hex Trude

Hex Trude

Hook - Mustad #9671 or #9672 Size: 6
Thread - Tan
Tail - 8-10 Moose mane or body hairs
Body - Pale yellow or tan poly yarn or dubbing
Wing - White calf tail, tied trude style
Hackle - Grizzly & brown, mixed

Tying Tips: Standard techniques

Fishing Tips: Developed for the Hexagenia hatch. This fly works really well in especially in very light or extremely heavy hatches. The fly floats well and is easily seen. When fishing heavy hatches try casting upstream and to the right or lift of the trout, and then twitch the fly into his window. On many occasions I have been able to coax large trout into striking this pattern long after all feeding has stopped.

Historical Note: Jeff Bonin developed this pattern around 1987. It’s a very simple yet durable pattern. According to Jeff, “it’s my top Hex pattern.” Jeff is the owner of ‘Steelhead Connection Custom Flies,’ located in North Muskegon, Michigan.