Thursday, July 19, 2018

Mighty Atom

Mighty Atom 

(Mike Martinek)(Art of Angling Journal)

Hook - Wet, nymph or casting streamer
Tail - Red floss or antron yarn, cut short
Body - Twisted copper wire
Wing - Orange and brown bucktail, sparse
Hackle - Orange, folded and pulled back as a collar
Head - Red thread with painted white eye and black pupil

Note: A "casting streamer" hook refers to a hook that is 3xl or 4xl long and in sizes #2-10 where a "streamer" or "trolling streamer" hook is 6xl, 8xl or longer, and usually in sizes #1-2

Fly Tying Tips and Tricks: Part 17

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Gapen's Flick Fly Sreamer

Gapen's Flick Fly Streamer

Hook - Streamer style
Thread - Black
Weight - Optional
Tail assembly - #12 barrel swivel, .23 inch diameter split ring and size 00 colorado spinner blade
Tail assembly connection to hook shank - .015 diameter beadalon 7 strand wire
Ribbing - Flat silver tinsel
Body - Chenille in your choice of color 
Wing - 2 or 4 hackle tips - white, grizzly, brown, badger, red, yellow, orange etc
Collar - White, grizzly, brown, badger, red, yellow, orange etc