Sunday, November 3, 2019

Catau's Michigan Hopper

Catau's Michigan Hopper

Hook - Mustad #R74-9672 4XL Size: 6-12
Thread - Black or Yellow
Tail - Red duck quill, calftail, yarn or floss, trimmed short.
Body - Medium Yarn, yellow, green or brown.
Ribbing -  Brown, palmered.
Wing - Deer Hair, tied trude over the body.
Head - Trimmed butts from the wing, caddis style.

Tying Tips: Standard techniques. Substitute the body with a poly yarn. There is also a variation of this which has legs.

Fishing Tips: Any time the hoppers are on the water. Body color and hook size by the hoppers in your area.

Historical Note: This fly was developed by Dan Catau back in the 1980s. Dan was an established tyer back in the 70s through the 90s. He tied professionally for Skip’s Sport Shop in Grayling, MI. and later for Hank’s Fly Shop in Lake Orion, MI. He no longer ties but is enjoying his retirement in Washington, MI. He wrote a book on Michigan Hex fishing entitled, “In the thrill of the Night.”

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