Saturday, December 17, 2011

River Creature

Yesterday while at the Bears Den Fly Shop in Taunton, Ma I spied some flies called River Creatures from the  Flymen Fishing Company and purchased one fly as a sample. I also purchased some rubber legs and Fish Skulls to tie some up for myself. $2.90 a fly is a bit up there if you were to buy a dozen or so.

I'm figuring these flies will work on some big bluegills, crappies and the occasional small mouth and large mouth bass that I fish for in my area. These should work in your area also..


Mustad 3366 or Equivalent


Rubber legs (Your favorite color)

Estaz (Your favorite color)

Fish Skulls

CA Glue (Your favorite brand)



cofisher said...

That's a nice clean looking fly that ought to work about anywhere. Thanks for this.

Brk Trt said...

A crappie killer for sure.

Mickalo said...

been looking for an excuse to try out these fish skulls, great simple pattern to try out on our panfish.

Derek J. Hartsfield said...

Would you consider posting your detailed tying instructions?