Sunday, September 25, 2011


Keep some sort of telescoping magnet tool around your tying area to pick up those stray hooks that land on the floor. Trust me, you will drop hooks or your vise will spit one out.

You can also use business card sized magnetic sheet to stick on your tying bench or pedestal. Its a great place to hold hooks for the flies you are tying at the moment.

Even magnetic tape will work as pointed out in the comment below by Johnny Utah

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Johnny Utah said...

This is a good tip. I have magnetic tape all around my tying desk. You can pick it up at any craft store.

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Johnny Utah
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Kay Dee said...

Norm, that telescoping thing is great. I picked one up from Harbor Freight for a couople bucks.
Adding to the magnetic tips, I have a few of the magnetic trays that mechanics use that work great for tossing hooks and other things in to. Being a try, it even holds non-magnetic things. Harbor Freight also sells pretty cheaply.