Tuesday, January 16, 2018

James Woods Bucktail (Converted to a Jig Style)

After my fiasco with spilled powder paint (see previous post) I decided to just use some blue finger nail polish for coating the jig head.

These flies are for a crappie jig fly swap on a fly tying forum. I decided to take a bucktail panfish fly and convert it into a jig style fly. I choose the James Woods Bucktail.


The conversion

1/32 Ounce jig heads painted blue

Jig heads with painted eyes

Yellow chenille body

Finished Crappie Jigs

Hook: Your favorite size jig head
Thread: Your favorite color
Body: Chenille
Wing/throat: Bucktail

Tying note: Use whatever materials you have on hand to tie these jigs.

Be creative. Experiment.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Son of a b.....

You know that word

I was getting set-up to do some power painted jigs and went to lift the jar but the cover wasnt exactly screwed on and you know the rest of the story.