Step by Step

A.P. Nymph

Tie in lead/non lead wire at the thorax and secure with tying thread. I don't normally do it but if you want coat the thread and lead wraps with head cement feel free to do so.

Tie in enough material for the tail, wingcase and legs just behind the lead wraps. Tail length should equal 1 to 1.5 times the hook gap. At this time you can trim out some tail fibers or leave them in for a fuller tail. I trimmed out about 50% of the tail fibers for this fly. Tie in your ribbing wire.

Dub you thread and wrap the body followed by the ribbing wire. Trim off the wire and dub the thorax.

The wingcase is pulled over the thorax and tied down.

The legs are formed by bringing the thread to a position just in front of the thorax and separating 3-4 fibers on each side and securing with tying thread. Excess material is then trimmed off.

The finished fly! Time to try it out!

See here for additional recipes and tying information.

Wooly Bugger

Weight the hook with lead/lead free wire. Wire diameter is usualy equal to the hook wire diameter. Secure the wire with the tying thread. It is permissible to coat the wire with a super glue if desired.

Prepare a bunch of marabou fibers and measure to the hook shank length.

Tie in the marabou tail and trim off the excess.

Tie in krystal flash on each side of the hook shank and the wire rib that helps to secure the palmered hackle.

Using the bend to the eye hackle wrapping method, tie in the hackle by the tip. This will provide a taper to the palmered hackle.

Strip a small amount of chenille to expose the inner core threads and tie on to the hook shank.

Wrap chenille forward to create the body. Tie off just behing the hook eye.

Wrap the hackle forward to just behind the hook eye. Stroke the hackle fibers towards the bend while wrapping the hackle. Counter wrap the gold wire through the hackle. Wiggle the wire while wrapping to prevent too many hackle fibers from being tied down by the wire.

Build a neat head, whip finish and apply head cement if desired.

The finished fly.

Bi-color Nymph (Allen Bithell)


Miracle Nymph

Tie on black thread, fine copper wire and 1 strand of white floss. 
Wrap thread over body materials in touching turns to build a smooth underbody.

Wrapp the floss forward. 

Spiral wrap the fine copper ribbing wire, build a nice thread head and head cement.

Tying Note: Use different colored threads and wire for the body.


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