Friday, February 28, 2014

Biot Wing Cases

Wing cases can be made from just about any kind of feather to synthetic materials.

One natural material that is not always thought about as a wing case material is the BIOT. 

Yes, the biot(s) can be used as a wing case. 

For smaller flies 1 biot is generally enough. On larger flies you can tie in multiple biots to get the wing case effect.

Biots are less likely to split like feather fiber wing cases

You could even add flash over the biot to make a flashback style wing case

Use different color biots 

Use a fluorescent colored biots as a hot spot

Be creative. Experiment.

Thanks for looking

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Damsels in Distress


Fly Tying Thread

Fly tying thread can be confusing for a beginner and experienced tyers alike. I am not going to try and explain the ins and outs of fly tying thread but I will guide you to the following articles to better explain the differences.