Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bucktail Streamers - A Pictorial

Reference: Forgotten Flies by Schmookler & Sils

Hornberg 88 (with Mallard)

The other day I received some mallard feathers from a member on a bulletin board that I frequent and one of the stipulations was to use it in a fly and post it to the bulletin board thread. After searching the world wide web for a  pattern that uses mallard, I settled on the Hornberg 88. The pattern on the world wide web called for wood duck, but like most fly tyers I opted to substitute the wood duck with the mallard. Since most hornbergs are tied with mallard, no harm - no foul. The result is as follows:

Hornberg 88 (with Mallard)

Hook: Mustad R74-9762
Thread: white for under floss body, brown for the head
Body: red and green floss
Under wing: natural brown bucktail
Wing:  mallard
Cheeks: jungle cock (optional)