Monday, April 25, 2011

Reel Spool Tenders

Whenever I reel the line and leader onto an extra reel spool it somehow unwraps itself from the spool. I was in Walmart yesterday and found these velcro "one-wrap" straps for $2.99 for six straps. I simply wound the line and leader back on to the spool and inserted the tippet end into the slot in the strap and wrapped the strap around the spooled line. No more unspooling!

These one-wraps" are 15 inches long x 1/2 inch wide. Length can be shortened as required.

"One-Wrap" installed on reel spool.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Lazy Mans Bitch Creek Nymph

Bitch Creek Nymph

Thread: black
Hook: 6-12 long shank
Under-body: lead wraps
Tail & Antenna: rubber legs
Rib: mono, thread or wire
Abdomen: black chenille and yellow chenille belly 
Thorax: black chenille
Hackle: black or brown hackle

The Bitch Creek Nymph is usually tied with a woven body but I don't weave worth a damn, so I just tied a piece of yellow chenille on the under side of the hook and then pulled it forward to the mid point of the hook. Use the ribbing to keep it in place. Brown hackle is also used but I like the black for this one. Use different color chenille for the under body.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Montana Nymph

The original was designed to imitate large dark stonefly nymphs of Northern American. It was first tied by Lew Oatman of New York.

Montana Nymph

Thread: black
Hook: 6-12 long shank
Tail: black hackle fibres/moose body hair
Body: black chenille (underbody of lead wire optional)
Thorax: yellow chenille
Thorax cover: black chenille
Hackle: black/brown hackle

Don't be afraid of trying other types of chenille for the thorax.