Friday, August 17, 2012

I want to tie flies, What materials do I buy..

This is a question often seen on fly tying/fishing forums. The obvious items would be a vise, bobbin holder, scissors, whip finisher etc but you should also find 5-10 flies you want to tie. Check out the recipes. Buy the  materials listed in those recipes. These materials now become the building blocks for many future flies you may want to tie. If you are a new tyer, its obvious you cant go out and buy every tying material a fly catalog has to offer. Use that GOOGLE function thats comes on every computer and sign up for every free fly tying catalog you can find. 

There is no one catalog to rule them all!

Something that is also of great value will be to take fly tying classes from your local fly shop. These guys have been teaching fly tying for more years than you have probably been alive so they do know what they are doing. Teachers will sit down with each tyer and explain what each and every tool has to do with fly tying. Tyers on You Tube simply will not do that with you, they simply tie flys. Teachers have many more reasons to use this material over that material and will teach you about he different materials to use or not use. Some You tube tyers will have your head spinning faster than Linda Blair spitting up pea soup in the Exorcist movie! 

Tying lessons will reduce the learning curve drastically.

I'v tied for 30+ years ad I'm not ashamed to take a lesson every now and then or even attend a fly tying seminar. I could spend hours in front of a famous tyer at fly tying/fishing shows just to learn a technique. I try to attend tying seminars somewhere in the local New England are at least 2-5 times a year. (Sometimes my job as a submarine designer just wont let that happen and I dont like tying while on the road at different assignments). So I pay out the $75-100 bucks per lesson/seminar but the wealth gained is much more valuable than the money. 

Sorry for the rant. I was just trying to help.

We Could Use a Little Rain....

Pray for a little rain!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Popper Painting Ideas

Walking through my local Rite-Aide pharmacy (waiting for a prescription to be filled, honestly) and no way embarrassed about walking in the fingernail aisle looking for popper painting material ideas (as some men claim to be), I spied some fingernail stickers that would have great potential on poppers, the possibilities would be endless. Using some of these stickers sure would add another level of silliness to my already painted poppers.

Here is some more good example that could be used on the back of some poppers