Sunday, September 19, 2010

Braided Loop Fly Line Connectors

Here is how I install the braided loop connectors.

We all know the chinese fingercuff trick is gonna give out sooner or later, so I add a nail knot sooner so I will have the connector later.

Does it defeat the purpose of the chinese fingercuff? Sure but I haven't had a braided loop fail since I put them on this way.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Ray Bergman Collection

Ray Bergman Collection by Don Bastian

This photographic collection of traditional wet fly patterns, recipes, and notes, when completed, will contain four-hundred eighty-three flies selected from Ray Bergman's books. This number was determined by including all the illustrated wet fly patterns from Trout in the first edition and the new wet flies on Plate No. 16 from the second edition. Additional patterns not represented in Trout were chosen from Just Fishing andWith Fly, Plug, and Bait to round out this "Bergman Collection" of wet flies. A few wet fly patterns from Trout appearing in the other two books containing significant recipe variations are included here as well. Read the Entire Intro

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Couple of Ashers

After learning thread control in the beginner fly tying classes I took many years ago, it was time to tie some new flies with 2 materials. The instructor chose the Orange Asher as a place to begin.

Orange Asher

Hook: Your Favorite
Thread: Black
Hackle: Grizzly
Body: Orange Floss

This was followed by a change in the body floss from orange to red to give you the "Bloody Asher". Thats the name I was told by the instructor but I have also heard it called "Bloody Butcher".

Bloody Asher

Hook: Your Favorite
Thread: Black
Hackle: Grizzly
Body: Red Floss

Other variations would simply be tied using different colors of floss, tying it with peacock herl becomes the "Griffiths Gnat". I have purchased flies with a cream colored dubbed body and had tremendous success with it on the Green River in Utah. Another variation use grizzly hackle fibers for a tail and also has a gold tinsel rib. Try tying it with different body materials and different colors of hackle. The options are all up to you.