Sunday, July 10, 2011

Direction of your tips

In order to minimize handling the material or misalignment of the material, always point the tips of the material in the direction they are going to be applied to the hook


I am tying in bucktail for the wing so i want the tips to come out of the stacker pointing in the direction of bend

If I were to tie a wing for lets say a royal wulff, I want the tips to come out of the stacker in the direction of the hook eye

I used the same bucktail for this example but you get the idea

Using the methods above eliminates the need to turn the hair around in your fingers and making a mess out of the hair or whatever material you used. 

This method can also be used with wood duck, hackle fibers, calf tail etc

Even if you dont use a hair stacker this method still applies

Hope this isnt confusing

Thanks for looking

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