Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cutting Wire

Lets be real about this, we are not cutting a #2 gauge 100 amp service panel electrical wire with our fly tying scissors, we are cutting a soft copper wire that begins at approximately .003 thousandths of an inch to about .013 thousandths of an inch in diameter.

But this will most likely spark some controversy, I still cut ribbing wire with my more than capable Dr Slick tying scissors. The scissors below are over 10 years old and are showing their age. The fancy gold finish around the finger holes is wearing off. They have never been sharpened since the day I brought them home. But they still cut everything I need them to cut without any problems. I think they are tougher than most tyers want to believe. They can cut wire as long as you cut it in the right place. If you cut your wire close to the pivot point, the rest of the blade will remain sharp to cut the remainder of your fly tying materials.

You can grab that tag end of the wire and twirl it around like a helicopter rotor until it breaks of clean as a whistle! You can use finger and toe nail clippers. You can also dedicate a cheaper brand of scissors to do all of your wire cutting

Lead wire doesn't even need to be cut at all with scissors, just break it off with your thumbnail.

So what I'm really trying to say is yes you can cut wire with your scissors, just cut it in the right place!

Lets remember that this is just my opinion and yours will always be different!

As always, thanks for looking!


Phillip said...

Have always cut wire with my Dr Slick scissors. Works like a charm.

Shoreman said...

When I started tying flies, I purchased a tiny pair of flat sided wire nippers and they've been my "go to" wire cutters.


Ruff Waters Fly Fishing said...

I sat down at a friends vise one day. Using the available materials on his desk I began tying a nymph. Out of habit I used his scissors to snip the wire ribbing. He looked at me like I peed on his carpet!!!! That being said I always use my scissors for cutting wire. I use wiss snips with replaceable blades.

james smith said...

I don't think that scissors are used to cut all types of still wire. Because scissors power is less as compare to other cutting instrument which is used to cut the wire. In these day's wire cutting become a business and many company's give this types of services. if you want information regarding cutting wire then visit Wire straightening and cutting services

Normand Frechette said...


I'm not exactly sure what you are talking about but I'm talking about fly tying wire