Monday, December 12, 2011

Flex vs Flex


Uni-Flexx is a fine elastic strand and comes spooled in thirteen colours. The strand may be divided into even smaller strands if desired. Uni-Flexx can be used for as a body wrap,legs or skirts. Many like to use Uni-Flexx as a floss replacement because of it's easy handling qualities. Suitable for bodies of small nymphs, larva and pupa. Uni-Flexx retains the original colour when wet unlike many other materials.

Flexi Floss

Flexi Floss/Floss Flex is a crinkly spandex material that is stretchable yet handles like floss.  Great for ribbing, wiggly legs, antennae, segented wrapped midge bodies, and more.  Flexi Floss/Floss Flex is easy to use and adds a little extra shine to your flies.  Best of all it doesn't break down like rubber does, so your legs will last longer.


Spanflex is a very strong, extremely stretchable semi-translucent material with many varied used for the fly tier. Great for tails, feelers, ribbing,legs and bodies.

Life Flex

This spandex material is oval in shape and wiggles like crazy in the water when tied in as legs. Also can be wound like floss for bodies on dries or nymphs

Legs Alive

Easy to use with over 200 strands of 8" leg material...great colors and easy to dye yourself! Ties even small flies as body wrap, midge larva & "Buzzers"

One flex product may not be EXACTLY the same as the other, but i'll bet they can be used interchangeably.


Daniel said...

Very informative post, there are so may threads and flosses and materials it is a steep learning curb, thanks for the information.

Cofisher said...

I've been tying for a long time and there is still a steep learning curve. Pretty cool stuff.

LOJ said...

GREAT STUFF!!! My favorite body material especially for sizes 16 thru 22.