Monday, December 17, 2018

New Vise

HMH TRV (True Rotary Vise)

Fit and finish. Ill give it a grade A. All components are precision machined.

Jaw components have a smooth finish for being a cast component (supposedly).

Smooth rotation using the knurled knob.

Setup directions are pretty simple and to the point. Hook placement in the jaws a fully explained and if incorrectly done may void the warranty.

Convenient neoprene storage pouch included.

3 different sizes of Allen wrenches are provided. One too many in my opinion.

2-way adjustment. 1 from the stem and 1 from the main shaft.

Adjusting the rotary tension is quite easy.

Jaw has 3 grooves for positioning different sizes of hooks. No groove for tiny hooks. Fitting hooks in the groove can be tricky.

Silver vein finished base is non-glaring and heavy enough for my tying style

Jaws hold the hook securely with enough tightening of the four spoked knob.

The four spoked knob could use more rounded corners. The knob may prove to be a little difficult for arthritic hands

For the $495 price tag, it would have been nice to have a bobbin rest and material clip included. 

Jaw angle adjustment screw is on the far side. Why not on the same side as the four spoke knob. (just nit picking)

Back to the price. The TRV vise is based on the Standard/Spartan chassis. The only things that are different is the rotation knob, main axle and jaws.

I have only tied a couple of flies on the TRV vise so these comments may be different after a couple of months tying with it.

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