Monday, December 2, 2019

Hackle Folding Tool

Below is Tim Flaglers version of a simple hackle folding tool for laid back collars on a variety of flies

I no longer play guitar so I have no picks laying around the house

So I improvised with a bread bag plastic closure (follow the directions in the video to use the tool)

Note: There are multiple ways of folding hackle (most tyers will never need to do this), the above is just 1 more way

Forward thinkers should be able to come up with other pieces of plastic could be used

It even comes with a specially designed hole to provide convenient storage on your bobbin rest

Heres a couple more ideas for the bread bag plastic closure

You can modify the hackle folding tool to include a hole & slit for a "hackle guard" 
and a hole for a "bullet head tool"

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