Monday, December 17, 2012

Buying Samples

I recently saw this on a fly tying forum. The tyer saw a pattern in a fly bin, got home and recreated it by memory and then asked other forum members if they knew the name of the pattern.

If you want to recreate that fly pattern you saw in whatever kind of shop you saw it in, buy 1-3 flies to have as samples and/or to deconstruct a fly to see how the pattern was tied. Shops will usually have the condiment cups or zip lock baggies to put flies in. Jot down the pattern name, size and where you bought it from for future reference. When you get home, take one out and photograph it for additional reference.

Don't try to go by memory after you get home.

Great for holding samples.


Swamp Yankee said...

I have done the same thing with insects.... if I can't get a good photo of what the trout areget eating, I'll bring a sample home. I remember 1 time taking home a bunch of XO skeletons from stoneflies, they had crawled out of the water on the rocks to hatch and that XO skeletons were left behind, I was able to make an exact size and shape of what the trout were eating and the next day I killed them.

Normand Frechette said...

Swamp Yankee,

Thats another great tip!